The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Measured & Drawn

I cannot recall ever seeing better technical drawings of a railway subject – they are simply superb. 
Paul Karau, Model Railway Journal, No. 218

Your book makes this hobby ten times more enjoyable - well done and thank you! 
John Ely, Sussex

Today's modeller of the L&B can only be awestruck by the embarras de richesse presented to him in these pages ... it is a truly beautiful celebration of a truly beautiful railway
Andrew Dow, NRM Review, Autumn 2012

This magnificent book must be considered 'book of the year' as far as narrow gauge railway enthusiasts are concerned
Roy Link, NG&IRM Review, No. 92

... a beautiful new presentation volume which raises the bar for railway publishing ... he has turned blueprints into a work of beauty ... the meticulous level of detail contained in the volume has to be seen to be believed ... a masterpiece ... 
Robin Jones, Heritage Railway, Issue 170

‘Every so often a product comes along that ‘raises the bar’, and it would be fantastic to think that this unique publication might herald a new approach to in-depth coverage of interesting prototypes ... I suspect (and hope) that we’ll look back in future years and recognise this book as a harbinger of new standards for quality and completeness ...’
Gavin Hince, Narrow Gauge Down Under, Issue 47

‘It is impossible, in a short review, to describe all of the delights that this book contains. It is expensive, but worth every penny. If you have the slightest interest in the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, buy a copy’.
John Dobson, Ffestiniog Railway Magazine

I have just received my copy and I am totally blown away! If there is a detail of the L & B that has been missed I would be extremely surprised. The most fantastic book on a single railway that I have ever seen! A definite ‘must’ for modellers of the L&B. 
Robert, Gloucs

‘There are good railway books, excellent railway books and superb railway books (as well as not-so-good railway books). But just occasionally a railway book comes along so good it defies categorisation - and this is one’.
Adam Harris, Camden

The detail captured by Stephen Phillips is frankly astonishing and a delight for anyone interested in the L&B
Nigel Towns, 16mm Today